Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry, not just in the United States but all over the world. Companies are willing to spend a huge percentage of their budget in advertising. The amount of money spent on advertising shows its importance to the success of a business. With that in mind, this article will discuss some of the functions of advertising.

Provide Information

Almost every company needs to be made known. This requirement is fulfilled by advertising. It provides information to the consumers about a certain product or service. This function is fulfilled through the use of a word such as a slogan or catch phrase. For example, when someone says “finger lickin" good", the audience immediately think of a fast food restaurant. Aside from the use of a word, an image is also a vital part of advertising. That is why it is important for a company to have a good logo as it is one of the basic forms of advertising. In the evolution of advertising itself, there has been a battle to get a distinctive image, so that the viewer when they see a particular image automatically remember the product advertised. For example, the image of a crocodile does not refer to an African river, but to a particular brand of clothing.

Persuade Consumers

Persuasion has been one of the most important functions of advertising. Advertisers have developed effective methods to fulfill this function. It is necessary because a product, as it is, does not have enough attractions and just reminds you of everyday life. If an automobile company will show that every morning people get into their car to go to work and then get stuck in a traffic jam due to the number of cars on the road, probably it would not be a good advertising idea.
However, if a car brand proposes that with such product one will be able to travel safely and go on an adventure, this argument makes one forget the realities of life and goes directly to deeper and more subtle desires, such as the need for safety and the desire for adventure.

To persuade, advertising uses orders, threats, suggestion, series associations, conditioned reflexes, appeal to the image of oneself, etc.

Increase Business Revenue

This function is intended for advertising to be profitable for the company, that is it has to sell products or impose the idea to the largest number of people possible. Advertising should be able to increase the sales of a company by several folds. The main resistance to fulfilling this function is the individual itself or competing companies. Since advertising is directed to people or social classes who can buy the products, there is a possibility that their needs were already fulfilled by products from other companies. A good advertising material should make customers feel that they need the product or service offered.

Provide Assurance About The Product

Advertising presents consumers with the possibility of leading different lives, a life of fantasy, a chance to escape from the routine or to live better. This proposition comes with a risk as with any changes in life. Consumers should be assured of the safety and reliability of product or services offered to them. The universe created by advertising is a safe but static universe, where it is very important that each one is in place and fulfills its function.

Create Pleasing Image

Undoubtedly, in advertising, there is an important creative role and such creativity is needed to reach the public. Advertising also creates a certain aesthetic. The use of colors, compositions, rhythms of assembly, etc., are needed both in the environmental level and on a personal level. The use of body and gestures is also needed to make a certain product appealing to the consumers. This aesthetic has played an important role throughout the twentieth century due to the mass media, ideas can be easily spread to a huge number of people in a big area making the competition more fierce which pushes the advertisers to make their advertising more appealing.

Finally, it must be taken into account that advertising has reached a degree of normality and saturation of information that advertising in advertising spaces no longer have the impact they used to have. Due to the change of information and entertainment platform, viewer prefers to see other things on advertising spaces. This situation is leading to profound changes and to the search for new formulas in the traditional direct advertising and in positioning the advertising material.

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