Fairs are big business, but most companies ironically do not benefit from these events, simply because marketers lack the right strategy and they tend to focus on their exhibits. Exhibitors will also treat attendees bluntly, cornering them with a 30-second speech about why they are so big. The first step to not fail at your next fair is to show respect to your attendees. The attendees are not there for you, it is you who is there for them. So instead of acting like a pork chop stuffed with arrogance in the maturation of the product, why not consider a more humble approach?

To begin with, you should treat attendees as if they were your special guests. Does your hosting site bother you with a sales pitch and zero entertainment? Attendees are not interested in the generic promotional material as they were already exposed to a lot of catchy bait. Attendees are nevertheless interested in being captivated. So offer the integration of some of these tips in your next exhibit booth. Just as it takes some time to cultivate a great exhibition, you should take the time to start planning your marketing strategy for events and even email marketing to generate commitment at least three months before the event.

Set Parameters

The death of any exposure is a total lack of focus. Simply creating the booth is not enough. Nobody is interested in the presence of your stand. What the attendees are interested in is the quick and valuable information. You will achieve your goal by creating a checklist for your event. Keep in mind your goals, you want to attract and you want to network. Do you have sales or potential target? What type of leads do you want to get? How will you achieve your goal and what will be the follow-up?

Think Beyond the Event

If your trade show lasts two days or more, you should really consider taking advantage of the duration by cultivating an opportunity to reconnect and find yourself out of your work environment. If you have the budget and are part of a larger company, The possibility of hosting a cocktail after the event will be very beneficial. Small businesses can create an invitation to meet for snacks or dinners. Your booth should announce this meeting and allow attendees to check your event via Facebook or send a text message as a reminder.

Reaching a Broader Audience

You"ve probably seen seminars and conferences being broadcasted. Why not do the same with your fair? Treat your event as a news service that covers participation throughout the day, or live coverage of major events. You can simply record the footage, edit and share it as a video. In addition to expanding reach and visibility, live broadcasts and video can also be shared on the company"s website and its YouTube channel.

Take the Hospitality Approach

Take the example of the hospitality industry and do not treat attendees as potential customers. Instead, refer to them as guests. The terminology change will do wonders for your team and put them in the right mood to serve instead of being served and excellent customer service is always about service.


The Reveal Survey

Allow guests to participate in a big lottery drawing like an iPad by filling out a small form that includes their contact information (or attaching a business card) on a sheet that asks for something basic like " Name three things you liked and did not like about our booth.

Promotional Gifts

Always give something. Enhance the creation of the brand and develop a promotional gift personalized with themes around your brand. Gifts should be kept out of reach of disinterested attendees. Everything you give should be treated as a gift you must work to strengthen the relationship you have cultivated with a guest. If you are trapped in ideas or short of extra money to invest in gifts, there is always the option of gift cards for your products or services. Of course, this depends entirely on whether your company has something that is convenient and easy to give away.

Attending trade shows is a good marketing strategy as long as it was done properly. These guidelines should be able to help you at your next trade show. Make your next trade show a platform for improving your leads, sales and brand recognition.

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