Video marketing is the use of video to promote a brand, company, product or service, leveraging different tools designed to make the task much easier to produce content in this format and distribute applications in a variety of ways.

Among the reasons this method is an important business practice is it has been shown by various studies and the experience of some companies that the use of video substantially improves conversion rates. On the other hand, referring to SEO, it is said that the odds that a page may appear in the first places for a particular search are much higher when it contains video. Also talking about the same subject and because YouTube is nothing less than the second search engine after Google, it is essential in the strategy of video marketing for any company to host the videos on this platform so that people can easily find them. Thus people also have the opportunity to subscribe to the company"s channel"s and be continuously exposed to new content that it generates within the platform.

Here are some other interesting facts about video marketing that proves its importance for business:

  • According to recent studies, 57% of online consumers are more likely to buy a product they were considering purchasing after seeing a demonstration video on it.
  • More than 100 million people watch videos daily via the Internet. With the increasing penetration of mobile devices, this is a number that goes increasingly growing.
  • According to MultiVisionDigital, 52% of users agree with that view video content on a product gives them more confidence when buying it.
  • Visitors to a page with video can stay on the page 88% longer than a page that did not include this type of content.

Ways to make use of video marketing

After seeing what video marketing is, here are some ways you can use within your business:

Use it to Testimonials

The testimonials are one of the most powerful ways you can exploit this tool to gain credibility. After obtaining some testimonials by clients, you can upload the video to your YouTube channel and insert them into a page within your site that says “Look what others say about us."

To make corporate videos

Create your corporate videos, upload them to your YouTube channel, and insert them into your home page. So instead of the visitor striving to try to figure out what your company is all about and how it can help them, a video can guide them. They can quickly contextualize your site, providing the necessary information. Video marketing in Jacksonville FL can help your visitors know more about your site without the need for them to spend too much effort.

To explain processes

Depending on the complexity of the product or service you sell, sometimes it can be very helpful to use video content to describe the details of your offer adequately. Even if there is nothing complicated about what you do, if your processes are underpinned or different, then, of course, you have to show them on video.

To show products in action

People want to minimize the degree of uncertainty and ensure far more that they can make the right decision; this point is crucial so that visitors can see how the product and each of the applications or things they can do work or achieve from it.

To show benefits of the product/service

You can create a video that discusses the benefits of the product/service and shows to what extent this differs from the other options available in the market.

To tell stories

Tell about your company or success stories. You can make use of Storytelling in almost all the videos you create to entice more people. So to explain processes or understand simple things you can create one or more characters and develop a kind of plot that can make the content much easier to digest and understand. Tools like VideoScribe or PowToon can be very useful for this work.

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